Tipo de miembros: Staff

  • PhD Antonio Giménez Morera

    PhD Antonio Giménez Morera

    Expert in International Trade and Marketing in the agricultural sector. I have based my research on the use of agrogeotextiles in the agricultural world in order to achieve sustainable crops. Their use and the economic calculations derived from them regarding the calculation of costs VS environment is currently one of my main lines of research.

  • PhD DEng Jesús Rodrigo Comino

    PhD DEng Jesús Rodrigo Comino

    Assistant Professor at the University of Granada

  • PhD Saskia Keesstra

    PhD Saskia Keesstra

    Climate resilient and sustainable landscape management: Using Process knowledge for sustainable development. My main research focus revolves around understanding land system dynamics in a holistic way by incorporating both processes in soils and landscapes as well as the socio-economic elements of the land system. Process knowledge enables explanation of the impact of natural (climate change,…

  • Jesús Barrena González

    Jesús Barrena González

    Jesús Barrena González currently holds a predoctoral fellowship from the Regional Government of Extremadura (2019-2023) to carry out his thesis in the Department of Art and Territory Sciences at the University of Extremadura. He holds a degree in geography and a master’s degree in Geographic Information Technologies: GIS and Remote Sensing. He is a member…

  • PhD Manuel López-Vicente

    PhD Manuel López-Vicente

    Manuel López-Vicente does research on soil science in agricultural and forest systems: Surface hydrology (runoff and non-saturated zone), soil erosion and sediment connectivity, evaluation of sustainable agronomic practices (e.g. cover crops, mulching, textiles), nutrient and carbon conservation, and crop yield and plant vigour. To shed light on these topics, we combine field observations and surveys,…

  • PhD Manuel Pulido Fernández

    PhD Manuel Pulido Fernández

    Manuel Pulido Fernández is an Associate Professor of the Department of Arts and Territory Sciences (former Department of Geography) of the University of Extremadura (UEx) based in Cáceres, Spain. He teaches classes for the students of the degrees in Tourism (Tourism Resources and Natural Heritage) and Geography (Landscape, Society and Territory; Water and soil in…