Global Fire Partnership

The mission of the Global Fire Partnership

To contribute to preparing society, practitioners and scientists for the intensification and geographical spreading of wildfires under the impact of Climate and Land Use Change.


  • Help to synthesise existing knowledge
  • enhance research on fire dynamics
  • fire risk management
  • fire effects on vegetation, fauna, soil and water
  • socio-economic, historical, geographical, political perception and land management approaches


Connect the scientific communities from different regions of the world with the practitioners, policymakers and citizens to:

  • Boost the emergence of new approaches to fire research
  • Contribute to harmonizing fire measurements, monitoring and modelling
  • Power synergistic collaborations between research groups
  • Raise awareness among policymakers, citizens and stakeholders
  • Influence policy related to fire management

Contribute to facilitating creation fire-resilient landscapes based on:

  • integrated/integral approach that includes
  • biological, biochemical and physical research
  • socio-economic, historical, geographical, sociological, and perception research
  • policy opportunities and constraints


  • Theme 1: Fire Dynamics and fire risk management
  • Theme 2: Fire and Biota
  • Theme 3: Fire and Water
  • Theme 4: Fire and Soils
  • Theme 5: Fire and Society